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Techniques 1: First Comments

In this lessons we will explain how to resolve easily sudokus. Time to time we will be add some new techniques ordered in increasing difficulty.

Sudoku Lesson 1

Before we start we will review the basic rules of this game:

It consists of a 9x9 grid, divided in 9 blocks of 3x3, that have to be filled up so all rows, columns and blocks (3x3) contain numbers 1 to 9 without repeting.

In this first lesson we will review some useful advices for solving sudokus.

  1. Use a pencil. Its more comfortable to do sudokus with a pencil than in the computer. In addition, you can erase easily the pencil.
  2. Practise gradually. Its very common that many newspaper and magazines do not rank by difficulty sudokus, so its very difficult for newbies finish some sudokus. In we sort the sudokus in order that you practice with sudokus agreed at your level. The more high it is the difficult level the more difficult will be to put the numbers and, in the case of the very hard ones, sometimes you will have to estimate plays.
  3. In order to estimate plays there is nothing better than write the numbers candidates in the top left corner of the cell in a margin, after you discard a number over line it.
  4. Play slowly sudoku is a relaxed game. Some sudokus can be solved in minutes but in others you will have to spend hours or in special cases days too.
  5. Sudokus well formed has an only solution.
  6. Be methodical. Check your plays time to time. A failure in the beginning can be disastrous.
  7. If you do not find a possible solution request help, or try the sudoku at another moment. Sometimes the solution appears when you aren't in front of the sudoku Smile.

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